A Bucket List For Architects

Everyone has a list. 

A list of things they would like to accomplish or do before they hit their big three “O” or any other stage of life. Bucket lists have no age. Some have it for life while others have it as things to would like to do before they turn 22. 

Bucket lists are important, for everyone. It helps us balance our passions with the fast track life. Individuals are more likely to manifest towards their life goals, especially if you write them down and specifically give them a timeline. 

So what is the architect’s ideal bucket? They often look like a list of great architectural structures, beautiful countries, travel, food, and photography. 

whether you are an architect in Akitek firm di KL or PJ, this list for architects have you covered. 

  1. Learn A New Language

It is never easy to get hands-on a new language. We are barely masters in our language much less a language that does not belong to your country. But the more challenging the task is, the bigger the reward. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you manage to muster a sentence in a foreign language to someone. It’s even better if the locals comment on how fluent you are. As architects, we are bound to meet many different souls coming from various parts of the world. Speaking in a language they understand, and you are bound to create a lifelong relationship with them. 

  1. Travel All Over The World 

Traveling is a hobby that evolves our mindset.  As an architect, it harvests knowledge and inspires monuments and designs. Famous architects of the world, all have gained their knowledge and inspirations from traveling. Some are drawn to the more romantic parts of the world, while others are driven by stories and rich history. Whatever reason you may end up traveling for, you will gain lifelong knowledge. 

  1. Visit Architectural Marvels 

You may not cover every little architectural wonder around the world. There is plenty nearby and we can visit them even on a budget. From a monastery in the Himalayas, La Pedrera in Barcelona to the Taj Mahal in India, you have endless choices of where you can visit. Ancient temples, or sculptures, or mosques, it will be a shame to not visit these wonderful places around the world. 

  1. Master Photography

Architectures tend to love photography (Most of them). They love film and digital photography. A dream for many is to be able to master photography to take unbelievable pictures of the world, through their unique perspective. Architects are creative individuals. It would be wonderful to see the world through an architect’s lens. 

  1. Building Your First Home 

Architects spend their entire lives building and designing homes for others. They build our offices, temples, skyscrapers, and modern bridges. They are part of the reason we have a luxurious life. It is a wonderful dream and a goal to have designed and build your own home. This home carries your vision and hopes for the future. Whether it a bachelor’s pad or a family home, the design is unique and belongs to the architects.

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