Benefits Of Using Sex Toys

People usually associate sex toys with them being inappropriate or dirty. However, having sex toys are a lot of fun and it has many benefits too. Not many people know that sex toys bring us a variety of benefits and I’m here to let you know of them. 

Most of the time, sex toys do such a better job at stimulating us than ourselves. This does not only include masturbating but as well as sexual intercourse in a relationship. When you use your fingers, it can be a bit tiring and, on the other hand, when you’re in the middle of sexual intercourse, classic vaginal penetration can be insufficient sometimes. In times like this, it is best to have a toy that is meant for stimulation so that both, or more parties involved, are all equally satisfied. 

For instance, one of the perfect sex toys for women that is suitable for masturbation is a rabbit vibrator which will stimulate the female g-spot as well as the clitoris. As for the best sex toys for men, one of them is a flesh-like masturbation toy like a fleshlight which replicates the sensation of penetrating a vagina. In situations where couples want to get sex toys, there are many types of sex toys Malaysia that can spice up the relationship. For example, vibrators, anal toys or even BDSM equipment like handcuffs and whips. The only important thing you should remember when introducing new things to the relationship is consent. Sex is always better with consent from all parties and never acceptable without. Keep in mind that consent can also be taken away once given in situations where it gets uncomfortable. So, respect your partner’s decisions. 

Now, let’s get into the benefits of owning sex toys:

Health Benefits

Most of the time, people would use sex toys to achieve an orgasm. Orgasming regularly, but not too often, offers health benefits that you may not know of. When a person orgasms, the body’s cortisol levels are increased, thus strengthening your immune system bit by bit. Other than that, for men, orgasming help reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer. This is due to the fact that when a man releases, it allows old semen or cancer cells to be rid from the body. For women, orgasming can help with reducing menopausal pain. Overall, orgasming has more benefits like maintaining good blood pressure. 

Libido Benefits

If you think that only younger people can get sex toys, think again. Even people in their 70s can get sex toys to benefit themselves. You could be in your 60s or 50s and still be on dating apps. Age is never a problem, a woman said that she achieved her first orgasm with a sex toy at the age of 70. As mentioned before, it even helps relieve menopausal pains. But aside from that, sex toys not only make achieving orgasms easier but also increases a person’s arousal and libido. Libido is simply a fancier word for sexual desire or sexual drive. If you’re a person who wants to be sexually active, you’d have to have a high sexual drive, don’t you? Thus, sex toys help a lot in that department. 

Mental Health Benefits

You may not believe this but yes, using sex toys can lead to better mental health. This is because when you orgasm, your body releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine helps to reduce stress levels and depression in one’s mind. They also play a pretty big role in ensuring that your sexual satisfaction increases, be it with your partner or by yourself. Plus, using sex toys have been proven to increase self-confidence with the sexual side of you. Since they help with your libido, you’ll be more open to experimenting with your sexual side. 

Sex toys are not something you should shy away from. They can help you in so many ways, especially in the journey to discovering yourself.