House Renovation Process

House prices in Malaysia have been soaring for the past 10 years until the onset of COVID-19. Various industries were threatened with closure or withdrawal from the market due to various movement control orders during this pandemic, and many people were unemployed. Due to the overall economic decline, the development of the real estate industry in 2020 is not ideal, and the housing price index even caused the first decline since 2010.

Although the domestic epidemic is still in a serious phase, Malaysia’s real estate market is in a slow recovery mode after experiencing the initial impact of the epidemic. People’s economic pressure or unemployment in the early stages of the epidemic led to the loss of financial resources, which made people more aware of the importance of assets. As a result, many people are still investing in affordable housing even after the outbreak has improved.

For the renovation process after the sale of the house, most people in order to save time and convenience, will directly find a professional house renovation company to provide the decoration scheme for their house, and negotiate with different engineering teams, etc. On the contrary, some people tend to decorate their own houses, and the result brings a great sense of accomplishment. They do various tedious matters personally, such as looking for decoration materials, running in various markets, comparing prices, contacting construction teams and so on.

So, what are the processes in the house renovation? What are the matters needing attention?

First of all, one must carefully check whether the blank room is in accordance with the requirements of the contract for maintenance and transformation, check whether the quality and level of maintenance and transformation meet their satisfaction during the acceptance of the house. The acceptance items include door inspection, aluminum alloy doors and windows inspection, balcony railing or window guardrail inspection, ground inspection, wall inspection, waterproof inspection, water supply and drainage inspection, electrical inspection and so on. After that, the owner can carry out the early design of the house decoration and the main demolition. During the period, it can also be based on the housing situation and their own needs to order housing doors and cabinets, as a prior preparation.

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After that, the owner must communicate with the construction team about the direction and design of the water pipes and electric wires, and make relevant drawings as a reference for construction. After the scheme is formed, hydropower transformation can be carried out. Hydropower transformation includes the whole house‚Äôs pipeline direction, drainage outlet, floor drain mouth, socket mouth and so on. Based on the terraced houses in Malaysia, roof drainage is the most easily neglected area in the renovation process. If internal drainage is selected for your roof drainage plan, the direction of roof drainage through indoor pipes to underground pipes must be planned in advance. Drainage is the most important fundamental element of a house, so don’t skimp on finding the best roof gutter in Malaysia to ease your worries.

Then came the woodworker, tile, painter, working on tile works and brush wall paints. Then came the installation of various objects, such as cabinets, floors, switch sockets, lamps, toilets, window poles and so on. If there is a need for wallpaper, do not forget to arrange it after the floor installation and before the switch socket installation. With the improvement of the macro environment, the whole house comes to life. Right now, furniture, home appliances and all sorts of soft outfits can enter the arena.

In this way, the decoration of the house is complete. Did you learn it?