How Real Estate Agents Become Influencers

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we describe a real estate agent? For me, it will always be the funny modern family dad “Phil Dunphy”. He took pride in being one of the best salesmen ever. In fact, he believes that he is capable of selling anything. 

We certainly do not doubt Phil Dunphy and his charm as a real estate agent. But can you imagine what he would have been like in 2021? In the midst of pandemics and a shift to social media, what has happened to all the real estate agents? 

There is a whopping of more than ninety percent of real estate agents using social media. And a substantial amount of them happens to be influencers. There are so many guides and tutorials on how to become real estate agents. Each and every real estate influencer have used a bag of tricks that belong to themselves. They use their knowledge, years of experience, and sometimes even good looks to make a differentiation from other real estate agents on social media.


Real estate agents become social media influencers in so many different ways.

First of all many make their strategic decision to focus only on one type of social media. It is often said that “do not put all of your eggs in one basket”. When it comes to being an influencer, it’s always better to focus on one social media platform or networking site rather than all of them. Is your specialty Pinterest or Instagram? No matter what you chose, they both have very different audiences. 

Again, speaking of your audience, real estate agents know their audience better than anyone. At least they should, in order to become successful real estate influencers. Real estate agents are all about selling the house to you. They picture an image of a life you could build in the beautiful home in Dengkil. They could only do so because they have an acute understanding of what their customer needs and what they would like to hear. A similar concept applies to a real estate influencers growth on social media. They have a clear understanding of their target audience and the type of content they are looking for. 

Another way real estate agents become influencers is by providing value in their content. The value you provide is how you gain an advantage over your competitors and build exposure. This point of value can be created with your experience, or with your knowledge. Many like to communicate these are in different mediums of content. Some of them use videos while others use images to build it. 

No matter what, becoming an influencer is not easy. Sometimes being lucky truly helps us, but more often than not it is about consistently working towards the growth of your social media. You need a better understanding of the influencer you have on your consumer’s decisions as real estate buyers and sellers. Real estate agents can create a variety of content like giving virtual tours, giving career advice, and even blogging about the real estate market.