Impact Of Building Homes On The Environment

Every year thousands of buildings get made and demolished. Most of the time this is all at the expense of our environment. However, the economic benefits and social benefits of having these buildings seem to outweigh. nevertheless, we cannot ignore the cry of climate change that is taking its drastic effects around the world. Building new homes and the usage of building material malaysia has so many implications for the environment. In order to make big difference in how we treat our environment, we should look at the effect of new buildings on the environment. 

New buildings can bring in about so many people that are consumers and business people. This is ultimately the purpose of having new buildings as it provides shelter and income for all of us. However, coming back to the environment let’s talk about the typical damage a two-bedroom apartment does to the environment. The entire building of the small apartment leads to more than eighty tons of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. Our environmentally unfriendly cars release a lot less than that. We only wish that driving a greener car can make up for the damage 80 tons of CO2 does to our ozone layer.

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The emissions are not coming from just the building process but also the materials that are sourced for the building. We source materials like steel, concrete, glass, all things that require burning nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuel does not only increase the number of carbon dioxide that is trapped in our zone layer and causing global warming, but it is also detrimental to our physical health. They increase air pollution which directly contributes to the number of respiratory diseases. 

The damage of building something is not only to our air but also to our water. So many construction companies and industrial areas have been compliant in destroying the safety of drinking water. So much of the industrial waste end up in our ocean where we get our oxygen and the rest contaminate our water sources such as lakes and rivers. This waste and contamination impacts marine biodiversity and in turn disrupts our food chain as well. 

The only way to overcome the environmental impact of building and construction is to find greener alternatives. This means using less fossil fuel, decreasing the amount of air pollution that comes from the raw materials, decreasing the amount the goes into landfills, and using environmentally friendly substitutes. 

Green alternatives are not new but it is still rather inaccessible in the construction world. The demand for green construction is slowly rising but the rise is not fast enough. However, many companies are switching to develop more green buildings where they consume less energy and waste less. These green buildings tend to have higher long-term value despite the expense it takes to make them. Green building is also often believed to be as high maintenance but in reality, they are incredibly functional and low maintenance. There is no replacing the long-term value of owning a greener building, both for our environment and our life.