Organic Vegetables May Be The Trend of The Future

With the development of the social economy and the improvement of living standards, people’s standard for three meals a day has increased accordingly. More people like organic vegetables that are pollution-free and free of chemical fertilizer and pesticide residues.

But the high price of organic vegetables often limits the growth of the industry. So why are organic vegetables more expensive than regular vegetables?

First of all, organic vegetables are particularly demanding on the environment. It is planted on land that requires a conversion period of more than three years to ensure that harmful substances in the soil are slowly degraded to achieve organic standards of soil fertility.

Organic vegetables are very demanding to grow. Chemical fertilizers cannot be used, but organic fertilizers must be used. The price of organic fertilizer is bound to be higher than that of general chemical fertilizer.

In addition, organic vegetables cannot be grown using chemical pesticides, herbicides. In order to prevent pests, it is usually necessary for farmers to carry out artificial weeding and insect catching, physical pest control and so on. This compares with conventional agriculture, many manpower costs.

Moreover, ordinary vegetables rely on fertilizer or growth hormone, can shorten the growth period, while organic vegetables grow naturally, the growth cycle is long, so that the loss rate is high and the yield rate is low.

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Although organic vegetables are more expensive, the long-term benefits of eating organic vegetables are numerous. They include:

First, organic vegetables are high in nutrients. The mineral content is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and eating organic vegetables can improve one’s health.

Second, eating organic vegetables can reduce pathological changes. Organic vegetables do not use fertilizers, pesticides or ripening agents. Long-term accumulation of pesticides in the human body may lead to liver disease. As a result, people can reduce the chance of eating contamination, which reduces the chance of getting disease.

Third, organic vegetables are high in antioxidants. Organic vegetables contain 200 percent more antioxidants than conventional products, and antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Fourth, organic vegetables taste good. Organic produce is pure natural growth, without any outside influence and pollution, and also contains a variety of rich trace elements, high nutritional value.

People differ greatly in their choices of lifestyle and quality of life. Therefore, it is not only eating organic vegetables that makes it noble. After all, the high price of organic vegetables is beyond the reach of some families. A healthy body is a person’s noble capital. So, as long as we keep the habit of eating more vegetables every day, we can provide a healthy foundation for a better future.

Now during the current outbreak, we are forced to stay at home for a long time and go out less. Many have learned to cook as well. For our health, we can buy fresh fruit and vegetables online in Malaysia now in order to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.