The Different Types of Ocean Cargo

There are five different forms of cargo that are transported by sea and transit through ports: Liquid Bulk (cca. 29% of the 2018 loaded tons for international maritime trade) Dry Bulk (cca. 46%) Containers (cca. 18%) Roll On Roll Off and Break Bulk. (put together – cca. 7%) Liquid cargo is either carried as a […]

How Can Malaysia Improve the Quality of its Foundation Program?

The quality of the foundation program has always been a concern for Malaysia. However, we can see that there are some improvements being made in this area. The foundation program is not only about building a strong academic foundation; it also serves as an entry point for students and their families to gain insights on […]

4 Tricks to Improve Storage in Your Kitchen

Nothing inspires more beauty and tranquility than a well-ordered kitchen. Having food or kitchen utensils at hand, which are easy to find and therefore allow more space, all of this makes harmony and security go hand in hand in that busy and used place of the home. A kitchen doesn’t have to be a cluttered or […]

Tupperware Benefits and Important Tips before Buying

Tupperware is a well-known brand name for household plastic appliances, including storage containers, serving containers and some kitchen utensils that were introduced to the general public in 1946. The habit of mentioning the term “Tupperware” carried out by Indonesians for household and kitchen furniture that can be closed and airtight, makes this name attached to […]