Providing Content For Younger Readers

COVID-19 has stranded many families at home and left children without a healthy outlet as they do in schools. Online classes have paved a way out of the educational slumber, however they do not provide the best environment for learning for children who are especially active. A blogging platform can help parents out with easy reading material and fun activities for children to engage in for the time being. Isolation, quarantine and COVID-19 as a whole have created a larger need for mental health services even for children. If your platform advocates for mental health, child psychology expertise is required. Similarly, as a site dedicated to education, information must be carefully selected. So, if you want your website to be child-friendly, here are a few tips to follow so that you convey your content in an easy and fun way for them. As a site for easy entertainment there is not much need for expertise, however making informed choices about what you display on your site is essential.

You Should Choose A Comfortable Age Category

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This is a fact that applies even to authors of fiction novels. There is a demographic cap on age because their content is relatable to that specific age group. Picking the age group you want to write for will pave a path for your type of writing and desired content. Another method is to categorise your website according to age groups. Your site, if managed by various people, can make it easy to navigate the age groups and provide for each one sufficiently. As a solo site owner and writer, picking one age range is a good enough place to start. Decide which age group you prefer to write for and stick to it.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Words are weighted, regardless of the age group you write for. However for children specifically, word choice plays an important part in their comprehension. As children grow older, they are able to decipher meaning, understand idioms and sarcasm, however when they are younger, language is still becoming familiar. Choosing the right words conveys your message clearly to them. Young children need carefully guided language and, therefore, reading children’s books or works on child psychology can shape your understanding further. Another good method is to ask parents to young children how they communicate with their kids. If you are writing as somebody without children, doing research is the best way to gather information that can be utilised on your site. 

Make Your Content Colourful

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People fixate on colour, regardless of their age. It is attractive, fascinating and makes content less boring. Adults and children alike appreciate content that pops out to them. Adding colour does exactly that! However, do not overuse it! Your aesthetic should not be overpowering to the point where your content drowns in the swirls of colour. Apply it where you see it fitting best. The colours you use should be bright, easy to commit to memory and applied on each page including your information page for the guardians or parents, to keep uniformity. Some sites offer a generous amount of games; either to be played directly on the site, linked to a different games website, or to be printed out (this can be word puzzles or colouring pages). 

Add Images And Videos

Adding short clips, videos, GIFs and images can add a youthful personality to your site, as well as make it attractive to your young readers. The right SEO services pricing Malaysia can get you great prices for extra platform functions and promote your content further for exposure to parents and guardians. Videos should, of course, be carefully selected and from reliable sources that are well-informed or whose services are child-oriented. If using images of children on your site, ensure that they come from secure sites. Video material should also be selected with discretion to avoid misinformation or misconduct. 

Be Vigilant

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If you are including comment sections, it is crucial to monitor them. Ensure that comments are not derogatory or harmful to children. With children relying on the internet more than before, it has also become a dangerous place for them; a playground for malicious-intended people. Protect your content and your readers by checking your site routinely and protecting it with the right safeguards. Predatory activity can be difficult to pluck out if you are not vigilant and children can be highly susceptible to the suggestions of strangers. While parents should also monitor their children when using devices, as a children’s site, you are required to take the appropriate measures to keep your young clients safe.