Responsibilities Of A Workplace Supervisor

Most white collars’ sole aspiration is none other than to be promoted to a higher hierarchy level in the organization which will lead to wider opportunities together with an increase in pay. Having said that, everything comes with a cost; being promoted to a higher level indicates an increase in responsibilities and workload. Therefore, prior to the celebration though you are fully entitled, you may want to decipher the commitments that come with the promotion, and in this very article that you are reading through, we focus on the diurnal rhythms workplace supervisors hold. 

Prior to the details, supervisors denote individuals whose qualifications and expertise suffice to be assigned by the upper management as a leader of a particular team of employees. They are the ones their subordinates will rely on in most dimensions of the job scope. 


Supervisors act as gatekeepers to information and announcements of all sorts. Rather than the upper management going to each employee in rounds disseminating important information about certain matters, they will resort to all supervisors as the middlemen for further circulation. Suppose you managed to be promoted to a supervisor level one fine day, take note of all particulars issued by the upper management without errors, then distribute it to your fellow subordinates. As a consequence, being forgetful is not an option. 


Apart from the above, from a mere team member, you are now a leader whose opinion marks the ultimate decision of the entire team. Rather than working for yourself like how you used to previously, you must now work for every subordinate under your supervision; just like how you lead your project team member back in university. Besides the commitments assigned to you, it is mandatory that you keep your attention fully open for those who demand your help in their tasks because you are the only one they can put reliance on. 

It is crucial that you are equipped with excellent management skills because as mentioned, you are not only working for your own sake but every single employee under you. Without a sense of prejudice, you ought to manage everyone equivalently by delegating a similar amount of tasks. If any problems arise, your presence is crucially needed. 


Of course, we can never disregard the expertise individuals need in order to be promoted to a level of supervisor. Suppose supervisors lack relevant knowledge pertaining to the industry, who can their subordinates learn from? To illustrate, an office supervisor from ship maintenance in Malaysia must be equipped with abundant knowledge regarding marine solutions. You are their guardian, mentor, and educator of whom holds the ultimate responsibility to ensure your subordinates are learning throughout their career pathway for as long as they are part of the organization. You must also anticipate being a problem solver because you have to. There exist tons of ups and downs within the organization and you are the first one subordinates will resort to prior to taking any further actions.