Things you should know about: Multi-level marketing

As the coronavirus spreads across the world, both non-working and working citizens are forced to stay at home and are only allowed to go outside to purchase necessities while working citizens are either forced to work at home or let go by their companies, leaving them unemployed and removing their source of generating income. With the state of the world, many stay-at-home citizens are looking for a way to earn income just to get through the day. That is when multi-level marketing comes in, helping these people to earn money as much as possible.

Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy that involves a company selling their products through a distributor and the distributors receive profit based on the amount of sales they make. Additionally, distributors will receive more income if they have more members to sell their products. Multi-level marketing has become popular in recent years due to how easily anyone can get into multi-level marketing with little to no knowledge. This allows people who stay at home to generate income as long as they are able to sell products and earn income based on the amount of products they have sold.  With the nature of multi-level marketing, it will become difficult for companies to keep track of so many distributors so how will they keep track of all their sales? In order to help manage their staff members and clients better, multi-level marketing software will help companies to sell their products in a more efficient way while keeping track on every member’s progress in a single software. These softwares also allow users to multi-level marketing companies to customize their widgets and user interface to their liking as it will help them easily identify their distributors with ease. Additionally, these softwares allow companies to communicate with their distributors by providing information and future plans to strengthen the bond between the members involved while keeping up-to-date with their progress in real time. 

With the recent findings of major multi level marketing companies such as Amway, Herbalife and LuLaRoe, most educated businessmen do not acknowledge these companies as a safe way to generate income. However, these companies are still able to continue their business due to many people being unaware of the issue and uneducated about multi-level marketing. Therefore, multi-level marketing has been frowned upon by many businessmen and marketers as even legitimate multi-level marketing companies practice unethical business methods by using a loophole in the code of conduct to trick their recruits.

Despite all that, most people are still falling into the trap of multi-level marketing as the companies are using cleverer ways to recruit people. In order to combat this, businessmen and victims are forming community pages on social media platforms to educate more people about multi-level marketing and the dangers of investing into them which could help them identify the jargons they used to recruit them. People who are stuck at home must remain vigilant and be cautious when they are approached with enticing rewards.

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