Top 5 Social Marketing Services in Malaysia

As social media becomes more mainstream, companies are adapting their advertising strategies to accommodate the rising trend of smartphones and computers becoming more reliant by everyone. Most companies use social media to analyze trends and interact with their consumers to provide real-time customer service. No matter how well-verse they are with the internet, appearing on the first page of Google is not as easy as it seems with plenty of behind-the-scenes processes involved to ensure the companies have their websites beat their competitors and appear on the first page. Now the most important question is, which top social marketing services in Malaysia that companies can approach to improve their reputation? This ranking is based on the findings by NavenPillai.

  1. Magnes Marketing

Magnes Marketing is a digital marketing company launched as recently as 2020. Despite being one of the youngest digital marketing companies compared to its competitors, it offers some of the best digital marketing services in Malaysia helping small to medium businesses to grow and expand quickly such as NewSound Hearing, Simply Spotless and Usedcomputer Malaysia. 

  1. Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital is a digital marketing company that has won two awards for Agency of the Year in 2018 and 2019 during Campaign Asia-Pacific. They offer their services to companies in Malaysia and Singapore, making them one of the most popular digital marketing companies among its competitors. It is also known for creating content with pop culture references to attract younger audiences. They have worked with Grabfood and Maxis to create some of the advertisements that we see everyday on our smartphones and social media apps.

  1. Bike Bear

Bike Bear was established in 2013 and built their reputation to be recognized as one of the top digital advertising agencies in Malaysia. They are widely praised for their unique design despite its simplicity. They have worked with major companies such as Suria KLCC, Unicef, Isetan Kuala Lumpur and Universal Music as their clients and they attracted the attention of many website visitors for its simple, yet aesthetically beautiful design.

  1. Shock Media Studio

Shock Media Studio is considered as one of the most prominent digital marketing services as they have helped over 600 companies to succeed with some of their clients including Dr Ko, Padini and Ecoworld. With so many competitors competing to be on the top spot, Shock Media ensures that their clients will succeed and help them to gain profits with their marketing strategies.

  1. Webqlo

Webqlo offers purely digital services to help their clients grow in popularity with their strategies. They have worked with Secret Recipe, Hokkaido Cheese Tart and Shiseido as some of their clients. They specialize in data analysis to help their clients to determine the current trends among their clients’ target audience and create decisions based on the analyzed data. 

With all of that, these digital marketing services can offer their services to help one’s company to grow no matter how big or small their company is to adapt with the importance of the internet increases in recent years that even grandmothers are now using the internet to search for entertainment.

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