What is a vibrating egg for?

The vibrating egg has become one of the most used 情趣用品 both individually and as a couple to give pleasure to women. However, it has never been taken into account that this object not only serves to give pleasure to women by introducing it into their private parts but also has different uses that can be just as pleasant.

What can a vibrating egg do other than insert it into the vagina?

One of the most common uses of this type of erotic toy is to insert it into the vagina so that the woman, individually or as a couple, can feel a different pleasure and even be able to reach her point G. 

However, there are other different uses that can give this object since they are used for different things such as:

Clitoral stimulation: thanks to the intense vibration that this erotic toy has, it is perfect to use it both on the woman’s clitoris and around her vaginal lips. The stimulation exerted by the vibrating egg on these areas makes the woman experience new sensations.

Insert it into the vagina: another way to use this object is to insert it into the woman’s vagina, it must be lubricated. When you are inside it you can move with rhythmic and smooth movements until you can find your G-spot.

Use it together with an anal plug: vibrating eggs can be used for both men and women. Therefore, you can use it while pressing it with the anal pug so that it has vibrations.

Press it against the male member: a quick way to get an erection can be by using this toy on the tip of the male member.

Use it with the testicles: Like women, men can enjoy this object uncontrollably if it is rubbed on the lower part of the testicles or around the anus. It is a very satisfactory way if you use it while you are doing oral sex.

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