What You Should Know About 16 Types Of Personalities

Every individual is born with different personalities. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle they have, whether calm or energetic, what type of work they are hustling like being a forex trading platform Malaysia, or how their relationship with people around them. With Myers Briggs personality test, everyone can determine which personality they are, ranging from 16 personalities in total.

There are 16 types of personalities, whether introvert or extrovert, and here are what you should know about each of these personalities:

  1. Analyst: The Architect (INTJ)

They are the type of analysts that have high imagination and have the smarts for strategies with a plan all set for everything.

  1. Analyst: The Logician (INTP)

This analyst is innovative and has an unquenchable thirst or curiosity for knowledge, love to learn new things.

  1. Analyst: The Commander (ENTJ)

An analytical individual with bold traits, has high imagination and has a strong willpower as a leader who always finds a way or  comes up with one to solve a problem.

  1. Analyst: The Debater (ENTP)

An ingenious mind with a touch of curiosity to think about, this analyst can never pass on or even not bother to resist intellectual challenges. 

  1. Diplomat: The Advocate (INFJ)

The rarest gem with only 1% population possessing the personality – quiet yet very inspiring idealist who sees no fatigue which makes them magical.

  1. Diplomat: The Mediator (INFP)

They are poetic, have a kind aura which soothes people around them and an altruist who loves to lend a hand with eager care for a good cause. 

  1. Diplomat: The Protagonist (ENFJ)

Just like any main character in a story, they are charismatic and inspiring as leaders who have the ability to mesmerize their listeners with his words.

  1. Diplomat: The Campaigner (ENFP)

This kind of diplomat is filled with free-spirited and enthusiastic energy, is creative and sociable who always finds the purpose of a smile.

  1. Sentinels: The Logistician (ISTJ)

They possess practical and factual minds whose reliability shall not be underestimated, let alone doubted. 

  1. Sentinels: The Defender (ISFJ)

These kinds of sentinels have the dedication and warmth as a protector who are always on guard to defend those they love.

  1. Sentinels: The Executive (ESTJ)

These sentinels are an excellent administrator who have unsurpassed management skills on any matters, or people.

  1. Sentinels: The Consul (ESFJ)

A caring kind, is social and popular – loves to help people.

  1. Explorers: The Virtuoso (ISTP)

They are bold and practical experimenters who master any kind of tools given.

  1. Explorers: The Adventurer (ISFP)

Like their title, they are adventurous in terms of flexibility and artistic charms who are always ready to explore and experience new things with open arms.

  1. Explorers: The Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Living on the edge is their forte, their smarts and energetic mind makes them a perceptive individual. 

  1. Explorers: The Entertainer (ESFP)

They are the kind of explorers that are spontaneous, energetic and very enthusiastic. Nothing is boring for them.

If you are curious about what personality trait you have, you can try out the Myers Briggs Personality Test to find out your character in detail and accuracy.