Why you should not gamble online during the pandemic

Gambling is one of the most popular and controversial entertainments in the world. It is not uncommon to see even children participating in gambling during major celebrations like Chinese New Year under their parents or other adults’ supervision. For adults however, gambling can lead to addiction if they do not control their habits or fall victims to scam and are forced to incur debt to the opponent or from a third party. With the rise of coronavirus cases lately, most casino sites are forced to temporarily close to control the spread of the virus as it is easily transmittable by body fluids through coughing, exhaling and sneezing. However, it’s not the end for these casino companies as they are able to continue providing their business by developing an app for iOS and Androids or websites to allow their loyal members continue gambling to their heart’s content at the comfort of their home.

Through online casinos, gamblers are able to judi slot online without going through the hassle of exchanging money for credits as they are able to do it on their smartphones in a few clicks and continue gambling without wasting too much time and effort. Additionally, they are able to switch from one game to another whenever they desire without worrying about limited seatings as the websites provide plenty of games for their gamblers to play without waiting too long for their turn. What separates online casinos from their landed cousins is the ability to entice and reward loyal members more efficiently whenever they play on their website. Similar to how gacha games work, online casinos reward their players who log into their websites everyday by providing free in-game credits and bonuses to encourage their players to gamble longer. Additionally, registered players are able to apply for a membership that provides new bonuses and boosts rewards from the bonuses they already have with different tiers of membership providing more bonuses at a steeper price.

Some countries like Arabia, Iraq and Malaysia restrict access to these online casinos due to religious reasons and enforces this restriction by inflicting a higher punishment to Muslim offenders. However, Malaysia is a unique case as Chinese and Indians make up for most of the population after Muslims which allows certain casinos like Casino de Genting in Pahang to be built on. Because of that, Malaysia has Sharia law and Gambling Act 2005 in effect to inflict punishment to offenders based on their religion accordingly. Although most casino sites are blocked by the government, they can be easily accessible by using VPN to bypass the restriction and proceed to browse through casinos sites normally. 

It is hard to find entertainment to keep yourself entertained and occupied during this pandemic, but online casinos can be a trap for people stuck at home as illegal casino sites can take advantage and steal all their money without their knowledge. So if you want to invest into gambling, make sure to check if they are legitimate which can be done as easily as searching on Google.

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