Tupperware Benefits and Important Tips before Buying

Tupperware is a well-known brand name for household plastic appliances, including storage containers, serving containers and some kitchen utensils that were introduced to the general public in 1946.

The habit of mentioning the term “Tupperware” carried out by Indonesians for household and kitchen furniture that can be closed and airtight, makes this name attached to all types of home cooked food storage products made of hard plastic, regardless of the brand.

Basically the storage media is made of food grade plastic which has an airtight feature, will be called Tupperware by most people in Indonesia. But did you know that Tupperware on the market is not only made of plastic with an airtight feature? If you check the Tuperware 2017 catalog there are several types of new products that they release.

Benefits of Tupperware’s Airtight Feature

Apart from maintaining the durability of foodstuffs stored in airtight containers, several benefits such as preventing oxidation are one of the main features of Tupperware.

1. Prevents Oxidation

Oxidation is the direct bonding process with oxygen . Simple things like orange juice taste and smell fishy even in the refrigerator. This is an example of an oxidation process. Due to the high humidity level, a medium that can maintain the air pressure in the storage media is needed so that it is not affected by the water content in the air.

2. Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration or lack of fluids (water) can not only attack humans. Dehydration in foodstuffs, such as fruit, vegetables, meat can also be affected. Have you ever found that keeping meat in the freezer for too long can make the meat taste bland. Red water that is around the meat is the result of blood cells that are released from the meat. Or something else like papaya dries up when put in the refrigerator.

Tips for Choosing Tupperware / Other Plastic Food Storage Products

Be sure to buy from a trusted source and sell genuine Tupperware, not fakes. 

Ensure manufacturers use safe materials ( food grade ) as the main component of making airtight packaging. Materials that have passed the test and proven to be used properly according to the product category. The materials used are also environmentally friendly and not recycled which in fact can cause residues or contamination of substances from the resulting process.

Select and use Tupperware products according to the functions, types described. When we can digest and classify media and materials according to our needs, we will get optimal results. This is why you need to know and understand the explanation of the product classification from Tupperware. Recognize the features and advantages provided in each product. Identify whether the product can be used in the microwave or not.

Are you smarter now in choosing products from Tupperware? Let’s make knowing, understanding, understanding the functions and benefits of a product before buying something a habit. Healthy mothers know what is best for their families.