Why is Sexual Education Important?

Education is the essential that shapes a child’s well-being. Education promotes a child’s mental development, so the child can understand the fundamentals of life. A child will also tend to become a responsible citizen and contribute something to the society. The child would be prepared for the future. Education entails more than just subject knowledge; it also entails overall development. Not only is basic education like a subject in school, there are many other educations that they actually need to learn. In addition to core and elective education in schools such as language, mathematics, history and others, children should learn sexual education in schools. This is not intended to expose them to negative things as early as their age. To this end, parents need to be more open and open their eyes as wide as possible.

According to a report on Human Rights released by the US Department, Malaysia recorded a total of 28,741 rape cases between 2005 and 2014. This number alone is an estimation on how 10 women were raped every day, and half of them were teenagers under 16 years-old. It is no longer a petty issue that we can turn a blind eye to. Sexual education should be applied to children as early as their age to avoid negative symptoms such as free sex, promiscuous sex, illegitimate child pregnancy or more frighteningly, and sexual misconduct against children. 

 I have to argue here that sexual education is important, however it is unnecessary to implement the content and syllabus in primary school. 

This due to the several reasons: 

  • They are too young to understand. 
  • They can easily misunderstood the needs of sex nature. 
  • It is not necessary as they can’t relate to the topic.

I highly believe that sexual education should be taught in secondary school though.

Sexual education is not encouraging sex. Sex education is a good comprehensive programs that can teach students that can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs are passed from one person to another through sexual activity including vaginal, oral, and anal sex. They can also be passed from one person to another through intimate physical contact. STDs are preventable if there is knowledge. If you have sex, at least you know how to protect yourself and your sexual partner from STDs. 

Knows how to say no. 

Kids and teenagers can learn how to say no. If they are facing sexual harassment, at least they know what to do and how to say no. They would not keep quiet and keep it to themselves to the point that it would consume themselves. 

Teach them regarding personal limit

Parents will usually teach children not to allow anyone to touch their private parts. However, parents themselves often forget to teach children not to touch the private parts of other individuals or other children. This is due to the fact that in most cases of sexual misconduct, the perpetrator would ask the victim to touch their body or that of another individual.

In a nutshell, sexual education is important as an education tool. It will be a useful tool. It is not only for sex, penetration and sex toys. Check out this site.